You have innumerable choices regarding who you choose to team with in growing your business.  Why do we believe that Critical Data should be at the top of your list?  What truly makes us unique?

  • Our approachThinker Statue on table
    We perform highly qualitative research in order to develop, present, and help implement initiatives and plans that truly change a company.  For this reason, we have always believed that we must dig deeper than traditional market research facilities.  This approach and philosophy permeates everything we do at Critical Data and results in unmatched return for our clients.
  • We search for ‘heart’ in our team members
    Because our clients expect us to obtain information others cannot provide, every team member at Critical Data is truly passionate regarding client service.  We undertake every project believing that we are providing a path that may ‘make or break’ a company.  We seek employees who are wildly creative in the processes they must employ, highly relational in their approach with respondents, and dedicated to their core at exceeding the expectations our clients place upon us.
  • Project or ongoing
    Unlike a traditional research firm, Critical Data engages in month-to-month ongoing retainer relationships in helping our clients to implement their plans and initiatives.  For many, we are their marketing department “just down the hallway”.  Because we believe that our client must receive a tangible ROI on everything that we provide, our ongoing retainer relationships can be increased, decreased, or discontinued at any time. 
  • We live by the results we provide to you
    Since our inception in 1986, Critical Data has focused on providing and measuring ROI with our clients.  We are committed to company-changing results in everything we do.  It permeates how we think and how we live.
  • We have a thorough, comprehensive understanding of multiple industries and the unique challenges faced by each.
    In order for Critical Data to be able to provide a tangible return, it is necessary for us to have a deep level of understanding of not only the industry but the challenges within the industry that our clients face.  We invest the time to become knowledgeable on every related facet relating to our work with an organization prior to the inception of a project.  The result of this approach is that Critical Data possess a level of knowledge and understanding in a wide level of industries.  We know your business! 
  • We live far outside of the ‘box’
    Survival and growth in today’s economic environment require solutions far beyond the traditionally tried and true.  Creativity without borders is essential in developing our customized approach for obtaining the information as well as the recommendations and insights that we provide.  This truly defines Critical Data, our overall approach, and keeps us focused on consistently being open to new ideas for our company as well as for those we serve.