Since 1986 Critical Data has provided in-depth market research, strategic planning, and facilitation for facilities, practices, and companies operating in the healthcare industry.

Critical Data approaches research in a very different way than traditional market research firms. We are not a market research firm. We perform in-depth research to use as a foundation for the development and implementation of strategic plans. We provide not only the comprehensive research, but the analysis and the conclusions and specific recommendations that can be drawn from the foundation of information. Because we are providing recommendations and strategic plans, our research must be in-depth, comprehensive, and thorough. Many of our seasoned analysts come from the healthcare industry. 

Examples of some of the studies we provide are:

  • Patient satisfaction studies – specific to one department or facility/practice-wide
  • Past patient satisfaction studies
  • Target patient studies
  • Studies to determine feasibility of additional service areas or additional locations
  • Salary/benefit comparison studies
  • Brand awareness studies
  • Advertising impact studies
  • Market awareness and perception studies
  • Physician satisfaction studies
  • Practice communication assessment and analysis

We have teamed with medical facilities, clinics, individual practices, and companies developing products for the healthcare industry throughout the U.S. Some of the largest facilities in the northwest utilize Critical Data’s Pulse services on an ongoing basis.