Challenging economic times demand ‘out-of-the-box approaches and solutions.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Using our in-depth interviewing/market research process as a foundation, and combining it with our understanding of our client’s expertise, equipment, facilities, and qualified team, Critical Data successfully helps companies to identify new, unique target markets for immediate or near-immediate sales.

2. In a team planning session a number of niches, markets, and opportunities will be discussed. Critical Data then develops and implements a work plan to determine the need and overall viability within each market studied.

3. With our client’s approval, decision-makers within the markets or industries deemed viable in the first portion of the process will be targeted and contacted in order to determine their immediate, current, and future needs for the products or services our client offers.


Critical Data is focused on providing tangible, definable results for our clients. It is this single focus that has resulted in numerous industry/market transitions and subsequently increased sales for our clients.