Data collection is only the beginning
For Critical Data, data collection is just the beginning. Using study findings as a foundation, our staff develops specific strategies and recommendations with measurable results.

Customized for your needs
You and your organization are unique and have unique needs. Unlike research firms that base their work on studies performed for past clients, Critical Data will always produce a unique, customized study.

Qualified researchers
Because Critical Data seeks actionable and definable results, our personnel must be able to analyze the data we collect. We look for people who are bright, curious and thoughtful about their work and your needs.

Our intimate, personal, and knowledgeable approach produces information with depth and a quality of insight that often surprises our clients.

A wide variety of services
We offer a comprehensive array of services that can be tailored to your needs. They include:

  • Market Studies and Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Niche Market Studies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target Market Viability/Market Expansion Studies
  • Sales, advertising, and marketing audits

Not limited to a single industry
Critical Data has comprehensive experience in most industries and with organizations of all types and sizes.

Tackling the next-to-impossible 
The breadth and depth of staff experience means Critical Data is able to unearth even the most difficult-to-obtain information.

A part of your team 
To provide you with the best possible service, Critical Data forms an intimate working relationship with you and your staff. By working closely with you, Critical Data can help you utilize your organization’s best opportunities.