Challenge resolution/intervention for family-owned or privately held businesses

Beyond traditional consulting and strategic planning, Crossroads provides specific, tangible challenge/crisis resolution to issues faced by some family owned or privately held entities.

These could include:

  •      Transition/succession/equity transition issues
  •      Non-performing or poor performing partners or management
  •      Conflict resolution
  •      Abuse issues or owner/manager traits effecting performance
  •      Major internal challenges and impediments

In an intense one or two day session with all parties present, Critical Data will confront the issues with sensitivity but firm resolve. The goal of each session is to reach a resolution accepted by all at the conclusion of the session. The Crossroads process involves the following steps:

  1. Conduct one-on-one executive-style intimate interviews with every individual who is involved – partially or fully – in with issue. Typically these interviews are one hour in length and much of the respondent input can be held in confidence. This step serves to provide a clear picture of the company, the issue to be resolved, and each individual’s perceptions and position on the issue as well as their suggested solution.
  2. Any written materials relevant to the issue and the company are provided to Critical Data for thorough review and analysis.
  3. Critical Data facilitates the one or two day session. The goals and “house rules” are defined and agreed upon at the inception of the session. Critical Data’s expertise and experience in conflict resolution insures that each participant will provide input and opinions
  4. Critical Data will assemble the Crossroads team based upon the specific challenge faced by the organization and individuals. These may include facilitation experts, an attorney, a CPA, financial experts, planning experts, and business consultants. 

These sessions have proven to succeed when other strategies and attempts have failed. Crossroads has provided a positive resolution and a ‘new beginning’ to all types of organizations nation-wide.