Top 5 Focuses for Competitive Intelligence Programs

  1. Strategic
    • “What business should we be in?”
    • “ How should we compete?”

      Examples:  Industry classification, core competencies, resource analysis, and future analysis
  2. Product Oriented
    • "Are the products and services we offer on-target and competitive?”

      Example:  Competitive product/service analysis
  3. Customer Oriented
    • “How are we delivering customer value compared to our competitors?”

      Examples:  Competitive benchmarking, value chain analysis (assessing the chain of activities that comprise the final offering to the customer to determine most/least critical to competitive advantage.)
  4. Financial
    • “What is our competitor’s financial capability to grow, or to move into new opportunities?”
    • “ What economic and financial characteristics will determine growth, expansion, or conservation?”

      Examples:  Ratio analysis, competitive cost analysis, sustainable growth rate analysis​​​​​​​
  5. Behavioral
    ​​​​​​​Learning about competitors’ management's education, backgrounds, past business trends, and experience level in order to help predict what a competitor might implement.