True craftsmen in the art of business sociology

Critical Data is a specialized marketing organization that partners with clients to solve business and marketing-related challenges. 

We perform in-depth, highly relational qualitative market research, and market analysis for companies throughout North America.  Critical Data interviewers are highly skilled in the art of conversation and in capturing ‘impossible-to-obtain’ information.  Many have been a part of our team for more than 20 years.  We use these findings to develop and team with our clients to implement specific targeted initiatives and strategies for growth.

Since 1986 we have partnered with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized firms, and organizations and even small start-up operations.  For many of our clients, we provide an ongoing implementation of the strategies and initiatives developed through the initial research.

Critical Data offers a unique, unmatched blend of services, methodologies, and results for all types, industries, and sizes of organizations. We specialize in:Think Suggest

  • Healthcare
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • School Districts and Higher Education
  • Newspaper:  print & digital media
  • Financial Services
  • CPA firms
  • Technology
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Start-Ups/New Ventures